Abbreviation Term
CAPriCORN Chicao Area Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network
CC Coordinating Committee
CCT Chicago Community Trust
CDN Clinical Directors Network
CDRN Clinical Data Research Network
CER Comparative Effectiveness Research
CHAIRb Chicago Area Institutional Review Board
CRWG Clinical Research Work Group
CTSA Clinical and Translational Sciences Award
DMS The Data Model and Standards Committee, a subcommittee of the Informatics Work Group
EC Executive Committee
ERC External Requestor Committee
ERWG Ethics and Regulator Work Group
IMDC Illinois Medical District Commission
IRB Institutional Review Board
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
Navigator A CAPriCORN investigator who undertakes to explore an external research opportunity, invites interest and engages other members, and follows through to steer the proposal process
PCAC Patient and Clinician Advisory Committee
PCORI Patient-Centered Outcome Research Institute
PCORnet The National Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Network
PPRN Patient-Powered Research Network
PRO Patient-Reported Outcomes
RCDI Recurrent Clostridium Difficile Infections
Requestor Access to the federated data warehouse of de-identified patient-level data may be possible for CAPriCORN, PCORnet and external researchers, and other appropriately qualified individuals, including patient, carer, and advocacy organizations subject to IRB approval

SC Steering Committee
SCD Sickle Cell Disease